My Interpretation of the History of Art

Painting is historically one of the oldest forms of communications. From hieroglyphic ranging back to before man had language to current times using emotions- visual depictions of emotion and expression are the oldest communications. This is why you need to be aware of the history of paintings. All over the world people drew, painted, and visually depicted things off all types. These visual depictions hold some of the best records of events that otherwise might have been forgotten. Historical records of famous figures, historical records of famous events, and historical records of others forms of art. Paintings are the largest and most amazing form of art, at least in my opinion, for more info check out City Painters for residential painters toronto.

There are many different things to think about when considering the history of paintings. Myself, I like to think about how things that were created hundreds of years ago, like the Mona Lisa, are still appreciated in their original form today. Of course, the Mona Lisa is well known to be less than spectacular- it is in fact fairly underwhelming at least in my opinion. The more spectacular paintings are else where in the Louvre and other museums. Where everyone else is clamoring to see the famous paintings it’s a great idea to wander away from the crowds and find the lesser known and more spectacular installations, I had him do some work on interior and exterior house painters in toronto. Art has also been used as a political tool: in the second world war Adolf Hitler used art as a weapon to suggest that certain groups of people had awful, twisted, and illogical minds that represented a down shift in the development of true human genetics. Of course this is insane- art should be treated as if its an extension of an individual, not as a representation of ourselves as examples of genetic inheritance. Sure, some artist’s have talented children, but this is more than most likely due to their environment rather than natural development. This is an inherent relationship within psychological analysis- is it more likely that traits are developed through the environment which we are placed or through genetic inheritance. In the end- it’s like a combination of both to a degree.