Pre-fab Really is Fab!

You have so many home options these days, it can be tough to decide. Rent? Buy? Build? If you have the money, you can do any of these quite easily, but even then you must still make other decisions.

Many Canadians love the idea of building but become discouraged when they learn about how weather delays and other factors can greatly extend both cost and delivery date. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative.

Canada made modular homes offer several notable advantages. Each part of the home is created indoors in closely monitored conditions. This increases speed and makes quality control much easier. Also, because the home is made in a factory, it is then just shipped to the building area and assembled. Let’s face it, even in the nicest parts of Canada, the weather can turn on you and cause all manner of unexpected delays. In the case of homebuilding, those can end up being quite expensive. A one-story bungalow might have three modules, while larger homes would usually consist of five or six.


Prefab homes built in Ontario also cost less and offer the promise of fine Canadian craftsmanship. They create less waste and are far more likely to be “green” than older structures on the market. A properly designed and built modular home will hold and increase its value over time just as well as a traditionally built house (known in the industry as “stick built”). As pre-fab housing materials are stored indoors, there is much less risk of them getting weather damage and/or rust.

Modular homes are taking off around the globe and companies continue to come up with new and exciting design options. The latest models allow owners to enjoy the same high-tech features as those found in conventional structures. Contact your local modular home builder today to learn more about how you can help design the perfect modern home from the ground up.