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How to Keep Pets Off the Couch

We all love our pets and accept them as part of the family. However, animals, of course, do not always behave the way we would like, so giving them full run of the house can be problematic. Pets love to sit up on the couch with you, but they can get it quite dirty. Also, if the animals are in the habit of sitting on the couch, they may also do it when you have guests who might not be receptive to the idea.

If you would like to stop your pets from sitting on the couch, try these suggestions:

Pet Beds

There are many different types of pet beds available that offer a very comfortable place for your animal to rest or sleep. Make sure you get one that is large enough and place it in an area where it is warm and the pet normally spends time. Your animal may take some time to get used to the bed, so don’t be surprised if they don’t use it immediately. Try placing treats and/or toys in the bed as an enticement.

If the dog jumps on the couch, say “No!” to get their attention. Place a treat on their bed as a lure. Eventually, they will get the idea that the bed is a good place to be. Be sure to praise your animal in a reassuring voice (“Good Boy/Girl!”) and this will further help to reinforce the new behavior.

Restrict Access

If you are not using the couch, place objects on it that will make access difficult or impossible. Your pet will start using its bed instead.

Double-Sided Tape

Cut some pieces of art paper and cover them with double sided tape. Place these on the couch. Animals hate sticky surfaces, so that will train them to avoid the couch.

Place Covers on the Couch

Plastic or cloth covers can protect your couch while the training process is under way.

This video offers some more tips: